How to switch your Google for Work subscription to Rackspace to take advantage of Fanatical Support

Yesterday, Rackspace announced it has partnered with Google to become a Google for Work Premier SMB Reseller. That means you can get all the awesome goodness of Google Apps and take advantage of all they have to offer while being backed by the award winning Fanatical Support® promise. You will get Rackspace’s 15 years of experience to help you leverage Google Apps to your needs. That also means you will get the same under 30 second phone pickup time you’d come to expect from Rackspace with no annoying phone trees or PIN numbers to enter and remember! They’ll support Gmail, Drive, Hangouts and the rest of the apps in the suite for you so you can focus on building and running a successful business without the pain of worrying about IT.

But Rackspace is not only supporting the platform, but you will have direct access to a Racker anytime to leverage their experience and guidance on best use cases, implementations, how to take advantage of new features – and above all, a contact that will help you with anything you may need. They will be truly at your service for almost anything. (and if you’re coming from another system that it’s not Google Apps, they will perform a full migration as well!).

Bret Piatt, Director of Corporate Strategy commented

“Common issues are pretty common across all of the platforms. As we talked to customers of Google Apps leading up to this launch, we’ve seen things we already have deep expertise on, and we’re applying that expertise to the Google product.  Need help with communication tools such as Gmail and Hangouts? You got it. Want to migrate documents to Google Drive for collaboration? We can help you. Looking to adopt Google productivity suite applications including Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides and Sites? We’ll show you how. It’s truly Fanatical Support of Google Apps for Work.”

Now, how do you actually transfer your account? It’s very, very easy. Takes about 5-10 minutes and absolutely no changes of any kind to your existing setup or DNS and there will be zero interruption or downtime, as the only thing that happens is that Rackspace pulls your subscription over from Google’s Billing System. Even the admin panel remains the same! So, to get the transfer started its only a matter of completing a single step, then your Fanatical team will take care of it!

  1. Log into using your current username and password.
  2. Select Generate transfer token
  3. Contact the Google Apps for Work at Rackspace support team and provide them with your token and they’ll handle the rest!
    The support team can be reached at the following methods:

    1. Toll free: 1-877-416-8373
    2. You can also start a live chat by selecting the chat link in the top right corner of
    3. or by email

And that’s it! They’ll confirm you want to transfer and voilà you’re now backed by Fanatical Support®!

You can learn more about their new offering on their blog.

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